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When disaster strikes, we don’t ever want anyone to deal with the hassle's that we have experienced as Independent Adjusters when it comes to your Personal Property and your Additional Living Expenses.

Having a home inventory list is critical in the case of fire, theft, water damage or other natural disasters. When a disaster strikes the last thing you want to be doing is trying to remember all of the valuables in your home. From experience, we are here to tell you it is IMPOSSIBLE to remember everything. 

Having an itemized personal property list for insurance claims can mean the difference of thousands of dollars $$$ when making insurance claims.

Personal Property

garage full of PP.jfif
PP -upside down house.jpg

We know not everyone's garage looks like this, but MOST of us have TOO MUCH STUFF. How could you possibly remember everything you had, if it was gone tomorrow?


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Personal Property is everything that is not attached if you could turn your home upside down.

Additional Living Expenses

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When You Can't Go Home

ALE Reimburses You For Your Additional Expenses When You Cannot Live In Your Home Because It Has Been Damaged By A Covered Cause Of Loss.


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