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Do you have a roof leak caused by a storm, or a fallen tree? Or maybe your shingles are old and worn? There is also a chance that if your roof has been replaced recently, improper installation could be the culprit. If you have noticed roof leaks or water spots on your ceiling, it is extremely important to act fast.  Whatever the cause, your property needs to be protected from any further damage. 

With over 25 years of experience in the construction and insurance industry, we have seen it all. Be confident that All American Storm Team can secure your property from any further damage. 

Tarping of a roof is an emergency repair that is temporary until permanent roof repairs can be scheduled. There is a right, and a wrong way to install a tarp to protect you from further damage. Many “fly by night” roofers will actually damage your roof by installing tarps incorrectly which creates a dangerous environment for you and your family. If you need professional roof tarp services, call us today!

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Do Not Let This Happen To You!

Please Note: If you have had storm damage, and someone installs a tarp and creates additional damage to your roof, you may be liable - not the insurance company.  Make sure you call a professional so you can rest assured you will be properly protected. 

Ask yourself, "What does a roofing company want to do?" They want to replace your roof, so they may offer to tarp it for free, if you sign a contract to have them replace your roof. What if your insurance company does not pay to replace the entire roof? 99% of all roofing contractors do not want to only repair a roof. They want to replace the entire roof. Reason: if it continues to leak, it is then what you call "Their Baby". 



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